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Tuesday Tea Time

I started a few large paintings with acrylic on canvas the other day. It has been awhile since I have painted that way, so it was kind of challenging to my comfort zone but energizing too. As time passed I got in the flow and lost myself in the process for a few hours. My husband walked in to my studio and asked “Why are you fascinated by tea cups?” I said “I guess they represent sort of a civilized-ness to conversation, and also a centering aspect when you are alone…and comfort.” There is more to ponder about that I’m sure. Anyway, since the acrylic paints were out, I painted this colorful design on some gessoed paper for today’s tea cup. I’ll keep you posted when the larger pieces are finished…in the meantime a cheerful cup to brighten your day.
“Orange and Periwinkle Cup”, acrylic on paper, 6 1/4 x 8 14/ inches

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