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Portrait Commission

This is my gouache painting that is currently on display in the Salt Lake Art Center’s “Not Just Another Pretty Face” exhibition. It’s a new program at the Art Center in which patrons in the community commissioned Utah artists to create works that were unveiled at the Art Center’s annual benefit gala on June 6 and will continue to be on display until July 4, 2009. The program began last winter at a series of nine salon gatherings in private homes where a diverse group of people were introduced to a sampling of work by the 65 participating artists. Many of the artists were then commissioned to create art ranging from portraits and landscapes, to abstract paintings. The culmination is an exhibition of 25 works by 19 artists, commissioned by 18 patrons and representing some of the best contemporary art being created in Utah today. I am proud to have my painting included in the exhibition. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and had a a great time getting to know my patron and portraying her children. I hope to do many other commissions!


  • Erin on Sep 02, 2009 Reply

    Traci, I’m finally getting around to responding to my blog comments & I just realized we took Alyson’s Blast Off class together. How’s your art career been since then?

    I’m glad you like my artist interviews, and here I’ve answered my own questions:

    I’d love to digress from clay for a week & have a painter/illustrator to interview if you’d like to answer my questions. I think most of them could apply to any artists, but what do you think? Any suggestions are welcome for new questions.

  • Larry on Jul 26, 2009 Reply

    Beautiful image!

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