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Finished and Unveiled!

Photo of mural by Traci O'Very CoveyI can finally catch my breath and rejoice in the successful completion of the Millcreek Community Center mural. It was unveiled to the public mid-August to much positive acclaim and I wanted to share the finished piece with you. These past few months painting the wall were amazing and all-consuming. I thoroughly enjoyed every hour of every day spent on this project. It is the largest painting I have ever done and I really hope to create more art for public spaces.

At the Color Stage









Last week I began painting color on the mural and wanted to share the progress with you. I started with the muted green color and painted all of those shapes in the design. Since the majority of the  wall is still white I found it helpful to then paint all of the black shapes so I could see the darkest color as well. It is exciting to see it coming together!

Working on an exciting project!

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been working on lately…
a mural at the Millcreek Senior Center in the Millcreek Community Center on Evergreen Avenue. I just finished painting the lines of the design and am thoroughly enjoying the process.
The next step is painting in all of the colors.

Paintings In-progress

I have been working on eight new acrylic paintings in my “Metamorphosis” series for my exhibit in May. Usually I work on two or three at a time — but never this many simultaneously. It has been interesting to work this way. At first I just wanted to get the color brushed on all of the surfaces (which is how I begin with these). Then I began in earnest on one piece moving my brush strokes from that random stage to making more deliberate decisions allowing my inspiration to guide me. As that piece dried I moved on to another one and so forth. We’ll have to see if progress continues this way or if I end up focusing on one or two at a time until complete.

Art Framed for Exhibit

I just picked up some of the art for my upcoming exhibition in Ogden at the Gallery at the Station (in the historic Union Station). These are some of my gouache paintings. I still have paintings in process but it feels so good to have some finished and ready for the show! The exhibit opens on Friday, May 3rd with an Artist’s Reception from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Practicing Picture Books With A Pro

I recently attended a regional SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) conference and learned some new things about what makes a great picture book. Of course the pictures have to be beautiful and visually compelling and have an entertaining story told in simple language, but creating a wonderful book is so much more complex than just the combination of those two things. A magic mixture of elements has to come together to create a really good picture book.

I also participated in a workshop lead by Martha Rago Associate Creative Director at HarperCollins Publishers. It was a challenging project focused on picture book character development, putting the characters in a setting in their world and creating a jacket image for the cover. Martha provided a synopsis of a story under development entitled “Princess Cupcake” for us to work with. She reviewed in-progress sketches, made comments and then critiqued the finished work. Here is the cover and two finished spreads that I created for the project. I couldn’t resist giving the princess a cat friend and also threw in some of my hand-lettering.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday Tea Time

Tea for two? Or, maybe it’s coffee for you? Isn’t it nice to take time for a chat with a friend over a hot cup of your favorite something. I did just that the other day and felt renewed when I got to the studio. When was the last time you did that?
Today’s cup is a continuation of my geometric cup series and will be in my shop soon.
“Two Cups”, digital illustration

Music for the Soul

This coming Sunday afternoon my husband Mikel and I are going to the first NOVA Chamber Music concert of the season. I love going to these concerts because I am almost always introduced to something new. Often I find that while I might not enjoy listening to certain contemporary chamber music as a recording I thoroughly enjoy hearing it played in concert. All music is better heard live while watching the musicians play their instruments, don’t you think? Good music, like all good art feeds the soul. T. S. Eliot said, “You are the music while the music lasts.” I look forward to that this weekend.
Above is my painting, “Violinist”, acrylic on wood, 18 x 24 inches

Tuesday Tea Time

My shop is now open on Etsy with a selection of sixteen limited edition signed prints. Included currently are food related illustrations and lots of tea cup prints—or coffee, if you prefer. The photo above shows how great they would look in a simple frame. And more of my work is coming to the shop soon!