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Get Your Goat

Recently we, and some of our “foodie” friends, put together a Goat Fest. A local rancher provided the fresh goat meat and everyone made a delicious offering. The buffet had wonderful salads, green coconut rice, and goat prepared in many ways–Rendang, goat chops with wild mushrooms, and broiled ribs. My husband Mikel made an elegant Moroccan basteeya, sheathed in thin layers of phyllo and dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar (he is the cook at our house). It is traditionally made with pigeon or chicken but he did it with goat and it was a big hit! I wish I had photos to share but you can read a little more about the feast at my friends blog In this morning’s New York Times there is an article about dining on goat. Here is the link My painting of “Nymphs with Goat” is one of my series of acrylic on plywood.

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  • Beth Noymer Levine on Oct 02, 2009 Reply

    I love this image with the two girls and the goat. Traci’s artwork draws me in with it intricacies and beautiful use of colors!

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