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Farmers Market

Do you love to go to the local farmers market as much as I do? I was so happy to create the above illustration and design the poster and promotional materials for the Downtown Farmers Market here in Salt Lake City. They kicked off the season with a fundraising opening party Monday night at a local brew pub. The food was a delicious array of local artisanal purveyors–cheeses, meats, breads, greens and more. A big hit was a local distillers sampling of their oat-based vodka and rye whiskey. The market opens this Saturday. We may have to take an umbrella, but hopefully these last two weeks of rain will bring an abundant harvest!

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  • Erin on Jun 26, 2009 Reply

    Hi Traci, I found your blog & website through Alyson’s class that I’m taking with you. Here we are at the last day of it and I’m finally getting around to checking out my classmates work! I feel like a slacker.

    Anyway, I just want to say I love your illustrations! Your website & blog look wonderful, and it’s great that you use images of your work for every post. I do indeed love the farmers market. I need to find time to check out my local one… it’s only a few blocks away. Good luck with your plan :)

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