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Send a Kid to Camp

It’s nice to daydream of summertime fun when it’s cold outside and there’s snow in the mountains. I just finished illustrating and designing the invitation to this year’s fundraising gala for the Kostopulos Dream Foundation, home of Camp Kostopulos in nearby Emigration Canyon. This event raises funds for underprivileged children, teens and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities so they may experience the pleasure of Summer Camp (think cabins, swimming, horseback riding, fishing pond, and canoeing at a nearby lake). Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You can find more information about it here.

Tuesday Tea Time

The other day the air was clear and crisp. Across the valley you could see the lake and the mountains beyond. It left an impression in my mind’s eye and inspired today’s tea cup image.
“Landscape Cup”, digital illustration

Tuesday Tea Time

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Tea for two and love that’s true. Today’s cup is a continuation of my geometric cup series.
“Lovebirds”, digital illustration

Cheers to 2012

The Holidays are Blossoming

The holidays are in full bloom at TriFecTa, a wonderful shop where they create beautiful floral arrangements and have lots of unique and stylish gifts. Above is the illustration I created for their annual Holiday Open House starting with festivities tonight and throughout the weekend. They wanted to feature their cozy space and their charming “shop dog” Sam and I was happy to oblige. Let the Holiday Season begin!

Hey, Stella!

Recently I was researching some images of Frank Stella’s paintings to show my students in the Fundamentals of Design class I am teaching this quarter. His work is inspiring to me and I thought I would pay him homage as part of my geometric tea cup series. His work is large and measures by the foot, my image above is small and measured in inches. We both love color.

“Stella Homage – Tea with Lemon”, digital illustration

Launching Cook the Part

I am off to celebrate in San Diego this weekend at the Launch Party for the cookbook “Cook the Part.” It is the cookbook that I designed and illustrated these past months for author Karin Eastham. Above is the illustration for the chapter called “Comfort Food.” I’ll post party photos when I return next week!

Tuesday Tea Time

I have been teaching at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City recently. Last quarter I taught Color Theory and thoroughly enjoyed it. And, I got to know a good group of students in the process. Color is definitely a passion of mine so teaching about the various aspects of color, it’s impact and influence, and each of the useful color harmonies was a pleasure. Hence the inspiration for today’s color wheel cup with it’s gray scale “steam.”
 “Color Wheel Cup”, digital illustration

Tuesday Tea Time

According to the dictionary, the word “and” connects — as in: along or together with; as well as; in addition to; besides; also; moreover. Tea connects too — as in: sip to sip; thought to thought; person to person. Today’s cup ponders the word “and” in the form of a steaming ampersand. So I suggest having a cup of tea, together or along with someone else, and in addition to conversation, besides connecting, you might also enjoy some company, moreover a pleasant interlude…and who knows what else.

“& Cup”, digital illustration

Tuesday Tea Time

Today’s cup is a continuation of my geometric cup series. The color combination of purple and green is always a favorite of mine.

“Purple & Green Striped Cup”, digital illustration