Pet Portrait Commissions for Wasatch Advisors

Recently, I was commissioned to paint some pet portraits and wanted to share them with you. I really enjoyed painting these beloved cats and dogs and I would love to do more!

These paintings were part of a cool project for Wasatch Advisors’ corporate office called the “People’s Pet Project” and I was one of nine artists commissioned. I painted three of the 23 pet portraits. A charitable contribution was presented to Best Friends Animal Society by the good people of Wasatch Advisors. Now these wonderful paintings are part of the Wasatch Advisors’ corporate art collection where they can be enjoyed every day.

Traci O'Very Covey acrylic portrait painting of cats and dogs


Finished and Unveiled!

Photo of mural by Traci O'Very CoveyI can finally catch my breath and rejoice in the successful completion of the Millcreek Community Center mural. It was unveiled to the public mid-August to much positive acclaim and I wanted to share the finished piece with you. These past few months painting the wall were amazing and all-consuming. I thoroughly enjoyed every hour of every day spent on this project. It is the largest painting I have ever done and I really hope to create more art for public spaces.

In The News

My art was recently featured on the cover of the Art section of a local newspaper. What a pleasant surprise! The gouache painting shown was a portrait commission I did for the Salt Lake Art Center’s exhibition “Not Just Another Pretty Face”. The patron was inspired by one of my paintings of natural elements so the portrait portrays the elements of fire and air which are based on the couple’s individual astrological signs. The Salt Lake Art Center invited artists to participate in the commission process by holding art salons last winter where artists and potential patrons of contemporary art could meet. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the gouache painting “Fire & Air” for my patron and look forward to accepting other commissions. Please contact me if you’d like to commission a painting. The exhibit has been on display since June 5 and will be ending this weekend on July 24, 2010.

Portrait Commission

This is my gouache painting that is currently on display in the Salt Lake Art Center’s “Not Just Another Pretty Face” exhibition. It’s a new program at the Art Center in which patrons in the community commissioned Utah artists to create works that were unveiled at the Art Center’s annual benefit gala on June 6 and will continue to be on display until July 4, 2009. The program began last winter at a series of nine salon gatherings in private homes where a diverse group of people were introduced to a sampling of work by the 65 participating artists. Many of the artists were then commissioned to create art ranging from portraits and landscapes, to abstract paintings. The culmination is an exhibition of 25 works by 19 artists, commissioned by 18 patrons and representing some of the best contemporary art being created in Utah today. I am proud to have my painting included in the exhibition. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and had a a great time getting to know my patron and portraying her children. I hope to do many other commissions!