artist statement

tracioverycoveyThe notion of an Arcadian life appeals to me — contentment, peace and innocence — an idyllic place in nature, harmonious, optimistic and filled with possibility. I believe that everything in life is interconnected, that our energies are intertwined. In my art, the colorful simplified forms are combined interacting and mingling with each other to communicate a sense of oneness. In both my life and my art I seek a balance between abundance and simplicity, between chaos and control. I am interested in creating a harmony of color, shape and line and I take pleasure in designing the compositions, breaking the shapes and spaces with curving lines, overlapping objects and elements and through these interactions new shapes develop. I work this interplay and balancing act until the elements come together in a unified way — representational yet abstracted. The imagery in my work consists of elements from nature, figures entwined with organic forms — things that elicit positive emotions in me. The figures are often symbolic or allegorical. Through my art making I get in touch with my center. At times I crave the calm control of solid color contained by line, shapes of color bringing a composition together like pieces of a puzzle. At other times I need the freedom of textural brushed color and seeing how the layers of paint interact, leading my mind’s eye to reveal itself. I relish that sense of discovery, one brush stroke at a time, trusting my creative process, my instincts, until harmony is achieved out of chaos at last and the work feels complete.